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Landmarq: Roadskill

The neo proggers live and very well in the Netherlands.

The booklet that accompanies this quality CD/DVD package is full of photos trying to suggest Landmarq are crazy rock’n’rollers.

They’re not, and their attempts to seem so in the interviews here fall a little flat. And that’s okay, because in reality Landmarq are a very good, intelligent, high-grade band who don’t need to hide behind a mask of tour wackiness. Captured onstage at Holland’s Boerderij back in 2013, the band are impressive live, stretching out through some of their best material. Opening with Turbulence, Landmarq ease into a groove that thankfully stops short of being a rut. Tracy Hitchings has a commanding voice, feeding off Uwe D’Rose’s guitar and Mike Varty’s keyboards. This combination sounds best when given the time to develop a depth, as on the lengthy Thunderstruck and Calm Before The Storm. It’s here that you appreciate the way in which the band work off each other, and how they grow in stature onstage. It’s only those aforementioned extra features on the DVD that let it all down slightly. As long as you avoid these and stick to the straight-ahead live performance, Roadskill is a good representation of what Landmarq can achieve onstage.