You'll soon be able to stay in the actual Byers family home from Stranger Things

Stranger Things Byers home
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Earlier this month, the Byers family home from the sci-fi/horror hit tv series Stranger Things was put on the market.

For those not up to scratch with their Stranger Things trivia, the house was home to Joyce (Winona Ryder) and her two sons Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Will (Charlie Heaton) on the outskirts of the fictional town of Hawkins, and was the setting for a large part of the first season in partiuclar, including the iconic Christmas string-light scene.

In real life, however, the building is located in Fayettesville, Georgia, and is spread out across 1,846 square foot on 6+ acres, and comprised of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was listed over on Zillow for a lofty $300,000, and after only just a week on the market, it has since been purchased. 

According to TMZ, the abode was purchased by an investor who wants to turn it into an Airbnb. Katie Siplon of TriCounty Real Estate told the entertainment company that her client made a cash offer on the house, above the $300k asking price.

In fact, the new owner wants to completely revamp the home so it looks exactly how it did on the show, with various parts of the building styled to look as if it's in the series' alternative dimension, the Upside Down. Other attractions will also feature across its 6 acres, making the area an ultimate must-stay for any hardcore Stranger Things fan.

With the sale for the house expected to close in two weeks, this is what the listing has to say about the place: "Ever watched Stranger Things on Netflix?... Are you fan?... THIS is the original Byers house! That's right the home of Will, Joyce, and Jonathan Byers, just on the outskirts of the fictional town "Hawkins". 

"This home was featured throughout the first few seasons of the show and remains a nostalgic focal point of the series. Resting on 6 acres, and located in sought after Fayetteville, GA this home makes for a PERFECT Airbnb, short term rental, or personal residence for someone willing to take it on. I mean, How cool would it be to own the infamous Stranger Things house?"

Stranger Things season 4 wrapped up earlier this year, with season 5 possibly not airing until 2024 if recent rumours are to be believed. You can watch all four current seasons on Netflix.

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