WWE have made metal-themed wrestling shirts and they're amazing

The worlds of metal and wrestling have long been the greatest tag team in all of space and time. From the numerous entrance themes spawned by metal, to the sheer amount of alternative musicians with a deeply-held love for a good bit of grappling, there can be no doubting that wrestling is pretty much the most metal sport on the planet.

Now, the union between the riff and the ring has been made official with the launch of a range of metal-themed shirts from wrestling giants WWE. The shirts feature some of WWE's most popular wrestlers re-imagined into an array of classic rock and metal artwork. 

For starters, we've got Braun Strowman set to the classic Black Sabbath Volume 4 album art, while Jeff Hardy pays tribute to Tool and Alexa Bliss reps Evanescence. Elsewhere, Elias accesses his inner Johnny Cash and Ronda Rousey is given an explosive AC/DC design. Finn Balor appears to be channeling shock rockers GWAR, and we assume Seth Rollins' design is a vague tribute to his punk rock namesake Henry, though it doesn't seem to be directly related to any one Rollins Band design or album.

Check out each of the designs in the gallery below. All the shirts are available direct from the WWE store, with a number of the shirts currently enjoying 25% off. 

Briony Edwards

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