Watch the official music videos for all 12 songs on Metallica's 72 Seasons album

Metallica - 72 Seasons cover art
(Image credit: Blackened Recordings)

Metallica's 11th album, 72 Seasons, was released on April 14, on their own Blackened Recordings label.

Reviews of the album have been largely positive. Classic Rock describes it as "titanium-plated modern metal fuelled by a relentless intent to be better, louder and sharper than anyone else."

While Metal Hammer notes, "It’s genuinely moving to hear James Hetfield confront and wrestle with this period of his life with such candour."

You, of course, can make your own judgement on 72 Seasons, and as a visual aid, here are the official music videos for every song on the album.

1. 72 Seasons

Directed by: Tim Saccenti
Video Premiere: March 30, 2023

'Staring into black light / Permanently midnight'

2. Shadows Follow

Directed by: Tristan Zammit
Video Premiere Date: April 16, 2023

'Never can I stop cause they hunt me / Never can I stop cause the beast is hungry'

3. Screaming Suicide

Directed by: Tim Saccenti
Video Premiere date:  January 19, 2023

'I'm no longer needed here / Now you've faced your biggest fear'

4. Sleepwalk My Life Away

Directed by: Tim Saccenti
Video Premiere Date: April 14, 2023

'Burn my eyes with the sun / And pretend I’m alive'

5. You Must Burn!

Directed by: Tim Saccenti and Yoshi Sodeoka
Video Premiere Date: April 20, 2023

'Question yourself, you may learn / Who’s the next witch you must burn?'

6. Lux Æterna

Directed by: Tim Saccenti
Video Premiere Date: November 28, 2022

'Commiseration / Sonic salvation / Cast out the demons that strangle your life'

7. Crown of Barbed Wire

Directed and animated by: Corey Daigle
Video Premiere Date: April 18, 2023

'This rusted empire I own / Bleed as I rust on this throne'

8. Chasing Light

Directed by: Kim Asendorf and Dina Chang
Video Premiere Date: April 18, 2023

'Lost his way through wicked streets / But he is someone’s little boy'

9. If Darkness Had A Son

Directed by: Tim Saccenti
Video Premiere Date: March 1, 2023

'So paint your eyes as black as sorrow / Hide yourself behind tomorrow'

10. Too Far Gone?

Directed by: Team Rolfes
Video Premiere Date: April 17, 2023

'Am I too far gone to save? / Help me make it through the day'

11. Room of Mirrors

Directed by: Tristan Zammit
Video Premiere Date: April 15, 2023

'In a mirrored room / All alone I stand'

12. Inamorata

Directed by: Jess Cope
Video Premiere Date: April 21, 2023

'Misery, She loves me / Oh, but I love her more'

Metallica are on the cover of the new issue of Metal Hammer, and also on the cover of Classic Rock.

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