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Watch a beautifully illustrated film of Genesis's The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

(Image credit: Nathanial Barlam)

New York based artist Nathaniel Barlam has illustrated the whole of the classic Genesis album The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway.

The sprawling 1974 double album, the last to feature original singer Peter Gabriel, is often regarded by fans as one of the band's very best, featuring longtime classics such as The Carpet Crawlers, In The Cage and the title track. Now you can listen and watch all one hour and thirty five minutes of the album accompanied by Barlam's illustrations.

This is not the first time the artist and architect has tackled the band's work. Back in 2017 we spoke to him after he tackled the band's 23-minute epic Supper's Ready from 1972's Foxtrot album.

Then he said "Working on these videos is in part my way of thanking musicians whose work has had a deep impact on my life, and my hope is that through my illustrations I can share these songs with other people who haven’t heard them before.

"I definitely want to keep making these, but it comes down to a matter of time and inspiration. Because I do these in my spare time, it takes a lot of assurance in my mind for me to commit to starting a new one, but once I start I’m dedicated to finish."

You can see more of Barlam's work at his YouTube page.

Thanks to Prog reader Gordon Robertson for bringing this to our attention.