Watch Louis Theroux undergo a rockstar makeover and dress up as Yungblud in new interview episode

Louis Theroux and Yungblud
(Image credit: BBC2)

For the latest episode of Louis Theroux's his interview series, the famed TV journalist and documentary maker sat down with Yungblud to explore important topics including the singer-songwriter's mental health, sexuality and more.

During the programme, Theroux accompanies the Doncaster musician - whose real name is Dominic Harrison - on the last two nights of his US tour to get close to him and learn all about the fans that follow him with "religious intensity."

Of course, Theroux's charmingly awkward charisma is one of the many reasons why so many of us tune in to watch his shows, and in this latest episode, his endearing nature shows its head during one particular scene which sees him raid Yungblud's closet.

As a way to get closer to the Gen Z rocker, the journalist looks through an array of his clothing items, and eventually tries them on, including one of Dom’s leather jackets, a bandana, studded belt, and a pair of sunglasses. During the makeover session, the musician - who appears extremely pleased with Theroux's new look - says: “That’s pretty hard, man!".

Louis Theroux Interviews Yungblud is available to watch now on BBC2 and the iPlayer website.

Watch the moment below:

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Last week, Yungblud featured on a new collaborative track with Canadian pop-punk princess Avril Lavigne, titled I'm A Mess.

"The song we’re about to drop is full-on lookin’ out the window of your parent’s car pretendin’ you’re in a music video vibes" he announced prior to the song's release.

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