Watch Donald Trump scream Metallica’s Damage Inc, a fitting end to four years of chaos, destruction and fake news

Metallica Trump
(Image credit: Lars Von Retriever / YouTube)

In the weeks leading up to the US Presidential elections in November, Donald Trump predicted that the Democratic Party would attempt dirty tricks to oust him from the White House, and vowed that he would not leave centre stage quietly. 

While US courts have thrown out every desperate, some might say pathetic, plea from Trump to reverse the will of the people in order to secure him a second term in office, the not-at-all-bitter outgoing President has doubled down on his veiled promise to cause maximum disruption to the post-election process, most notably when addressing hordes of his supporters in Washington DC on January 6. 

To our knowledge, Trump’s fiery speech that ill-fated afternoon did not actually quote James Hetfeld’s caustic lyrics to Damage Inc, the thrillingly aggressive closing track on Master Of Puppets, but really, who can genuinely say that they know the truth about anything anymore?  And also, given the wild scenes witnessed in and around the Capitol building that day, there’s an undeniable resonance to seeing the the Commander-in-Chief screaming ‘Blood will follow  blood!’ as his supporters wreak havoc on the houses of US democracy. 

It’s just possible too though, that all this is an elaborate hoax, the work, perhaps, say, of an internet wag such as Lars von Retriever. Best we all have a look, eh, and make up our own minds?

This isn't the first time that Mr von Retriever's work has graced these pages. We stumbled across his art in October 2018, when he published a video of the President appearing to sing System Of A Down's Chop Suey. Two months later he was back with a video in which Trump tackled Slayer's iconic Raining Blood. And then earlier this year up popped two further mashups: one in which everyone’s favourite tiny-handed President sang Iron Maiden’s galloping 1982 hit Run To The Hills, and one involving The Donald intoning Alice In Chains’ classic 1990 single Man In The Box.

"I've been trying my best to entertain you and make America and the whole world a little bit more metal," says von Retriever on his Patreon page. "I really believe that listening to metal music can make people happier."

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