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Donald Trump singing Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills is just as insane as you’d imagine

Donald Trump truly is the gift that keeps on giving, at least to online pranksters with too much time on their hands.

YouTube wizard Lars von Retriever has already conjured up a genius mashup of  Trump speeches synced to the music and lyrics of System Of A Down's Chop Suey

Now Mr von Retriever has worked his magic once again with another Metal Trump mash-up - this time setting everyone’s favourite tiny-handed President’s orations to Iron Maiden’s galloping 1982 hit Run To The Hills.

Let’s be honest: Lars has outdone himself with this one. Never has The Donald sounded so lucid. And if Bruce Dickinson does ever fancy hanging up his microphone, then Maiden have got a ready-made replacement right there in the White House.

Check it out below, and try telling us we’re wrong. See? You can’t.