Wakrat's Commerford comes off 2nd best in 'fight' with drummer

A picture of Commerford and Wakrat after their "fight"
Commerford and Wakrat after their \"fight\"

Wakrat mainman Tim Commerford ended up with a sore face after ‘attacking’ drummer Mathias Wakrat towards the end of a gig in California.

Rage against The Machine and Prophets Of Rage man Commerford launched himself over the drumkit and towards Mathias in a light-hearted bit of horseplay as Wakrat were wrapping up their recent show at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista.

The drummer gave as good as he good and the band later posted a picture to Facebook showing that the bassist came off second best. The picture, which can be viewed – along with a video of the incident – below, includes the caption: “Way to end the tour Timmy!

“The aftermath of an epic fight with Matt on stage during the last song. What you’re looking at?”

Commerford announced the creation of the new group earlier this year and they will release their self-titled debut album on November 11 via Earache. It’s available for pre-order.

Wakrat recently descended on London with a group of fans to record a video for their track Generation Fucked.

Commerford is joined in the band by drummer Wakrat and guitarist Laurent Grangeon and he recently said: “We’re clearly not making music for anyone else – we’re making music for ourselves.

“It’s the kind of music we want to play and I love that it’s punk rock but it’s not old school. It feels contemporary.”

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