Video Exclusive: Prolong The Agony – 'Dead Dreams'

As Portsmouth quintet Prolong The Agony prepare to release their new EP ‘All We Are’ in April, they’ve given us the premiere of their new video, ‘Dead Dreams’ as a taster.

Says vocalist Lawrence Welling: “The release of both the EP and our video for Dead Dreams represents a huge amount of work and determination to create something new and show people what we’re really all about.

“With full respect to our past work, this is a new lease of life for our band – the connection between us and our supporters has really grown as we developed during its creation. The UK music community is really shining right now and we’re stoked to be part of it. We hope you all enjoy what we’re doing.”

Prolong The Agony’s EP All We Are will be released on April 20 through In At The Deep End Records and can be pre-ordered using this link.