Velcro Lewis Group are having a party


The Velcro Lewis Group have released a video for They're Having A Party, the third single taken from the band's 2013 album Open The Sky.

The video follows a reveller attending three different parties. At the first, he fills up on a spiked punch before going on to enjoy an increasingly psychedelic night out with a spectacular climax.

“The best parties are weird parties,” says Velco. “When someone takes command of the stereo, turning off the Starbucks’_ Acid Jazz_ comp and throwing on the Bootsy Collins and then some creep wearing a medallion doses the punch. People get free, people lose it. Someone conjures a demon. You have to let yourself transform for the moment but you don’t need Halloween to be a freak… so give it up on Arbor Day, Grandparents’ Day, Thursday…”.

The Velcro Lewis Group will be having their own party to celebrate the release of They’re Having A Party tomorrow night at Space Oddities in Chicago.