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Twelve Foot Ninja release hilarious video for new single Long Way Home

Twelve Foot Ninja
(Image credit: Twelve Foot Ninja)

Australian prog metal quartet Twelve Foot Ninja have released a hilarious video for their new single Long Way Home, which is available through Volkanik Music. It's the first new music from the band in four years and you can watch the video below.

"We tried to create something that harnessed the power of ACDC with a bend of surrealism, like eating a meat pie through your ear," explains guitarist Stevic Mackay, who also created the new video. "This song is about the ‘real world’ becoming harder and harder to agree on… I’d rather take the path of resistance, the long way home, than acquiesce to relativism."

Fans were made to work in the lead up to the official release; they had to complete the band’s platformer video game and find all 12 DynaTAC cell phones (circa 1986) strewn throughout the multi-tiered level to unlock the music video. They just might be the only band in history to do so! In the first 48 hours, the game had over 10,000 plays in 76 countries which is quite an achievement in the gaming world for a self-published, first time release.

You can play the video game here.

Long Way Home, which was produced by Mackay and mixed by Forrester Savell kickstarts a new busy period from the band, promising "much more insane hijinks, new sounds, and surprising content to delve into".

Get Long Way Home.

Twelve Foot Ninja

(Image credit: Volkanik Music)