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Tremonti delays Cauterize launch

The release date for the second Tremonti album has been pushed back to June 9.

Originally scheduled to be issued in May, Cauterize will now come out the following month.

Creed and Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti’s solo outfit released debut All I Was in 2012. Wolfgang Van Halen joined the band for the recording of the follow-up, which will now be released on June 9.

Drummer Garret Whitlock said in January: “It stacks up well against All I Was. We figured out what our strengths were recording the first album, and with this album we took that and capitalised on all of it.”

A preview clip of the track Flying Monkeys contains details of the bands US tour dates.


  1. Radical Change 2. Flying Monkeys 3. Cauterize 4. Arm Yourself 5. Dark Trip 6. Another Heart 7. Fall Again 8. Tie The Noose 9. Sympathy 10. Providence