Tremonti hit their mark on album no.2


Tremonti drummer Garrett Whitlock says the band brought their ‘A’ game to the studio for their upcoming second album.

Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen last month revealed they had finished recording the follow-up to 2012’s All I Was. And the sticksman says they’re now looking to launch the new material sooner rather than later.

He tells the American Armed Forces Network: “By the end of this month it’ll be completely mixed, mastered, recorded – all of that. So aside from artwork, it’s getting pretty much to the point of completion.

“I know we want it to come out this year – hopefully within the first part of this year.”

Whitlock says they still don’t have a title for the album and they’re currently sifting through the 20-track collection to decide what will make the final cut.

He continues: “We’ve been kicking some ideas around but, unfortunately, there’s nothing set in stone as far as album titles go. But we hope to have the release date, album title, all of that stuff together relatively quickly.

“We recorded 20 songs so we’re still trying to figure out what we’re going to do with all of them – but I think it stacks up well against All I Was.

“I really do think we figured out what our strengths were recording the first album, and with this album we took that and capitalised on all of it. I think, as far as playing goes, everybody was on their ‘A’ game, and we’re really happy with it.”

He adds: “There’s some really good, heavy songs on there and there’s some good atmospheric stuff. We really tried to take what we enjoyed about the first record and capitalise on that with the second one. I feel like we hit our mark, and we’re all really happy with the final product.”

Mainman Mark Tremonti is offering fans a range of exclusive items from the recording sessions via his Fret 12 page. Included are signed lyric sheets, guitars used on the record and the chance to receive a namecheck on the liner notes.