The Wretched End launch Primordial Freedom video

The Wretched End
The Wretched End

The Wretched End have released a video for their track Primordial Freedom.

The song features on the Norwegian outfit’s latest album In These Woods, From These Mountains – out on April 22 via Indie Recordings.

The band features Emperor guitarist Samoth, Mindgrinder and Windir guitarist and vocalist Cosmo and Dark Funeral drummer Nils ‘Dominator’ Fjellstrom.

Samoth says: “It’s great to finally have this album ready for release. It took us some years for various reasons – different things in our every day and professional lives that took a lot of focus on our parts. We never felt any great pressure.

“Looking back, I think the whole process affected the album in a positive way. I personally feel I’ve almost come full circle with this new album, bringing more elements rooted in the darkness of black metal.”

In These Woods, From These Mountains is available for pre-order direct from the Indie Recordings website.

The Wretched End In These Woods, From These Mountains tracklist

  1. Dead Icons
  2. Primordial Freedom
  3. Old Norwegian Soul
  4. Generic Drone
  5. Misery Harbour
  6. Atheos
  7. The Decline And Fall
  8. Burrowing Deep
  9. Dewy Fields