Daltrey's walk-off threat over pot smoke


The Who frontman Roger Daltrey threatened to walk off stage in the US this week as a result of pot smoke in the venue.

He’s allergic to the substance, which constricts his throat and makes it difficult for him to sing, and in extreme cases breathe.

It’s one of the warnings displayed on screens before Who concerts begin.

At the Nassau Coliseum on Wednesday, Daltrey began suffering during opening track I Can’t Explain. After delivering I Can See For Miles he warned the crowd: “My voice is shutting down.”

Later he added: “Either stop it or the show will be over. It’s your choice. I can’t do anything about it – I’m doing my best.”

After another attempt at singing he said: “I’m close to walking. Whoever is doing it, it’s coming my way.”

But fans appeared to pay attention, and he was back to full form a few minutes later. The rest of the performance went as planned.

The singer, who turned 70 on Tuesday, joked: “From now on I will only tell the truth. How do I feel about you? I’d rather not say.”

The Who return to the UK next month, playing British Summer Time at London’s Hyde Park on June 26 and at Glastonbury on June 28. They’re considering making one final album before retiring.