The Sanity Days stream Satan’s Blood

The Sanity Days are streaming Satan’s Blood from their debut album, Evil Beyond Belief, ahead of its UK release on March 16 via Candlelight Records.

The band, which features former Onslaught members Steve Grimmett, Steve Grice, Alan Jordan and Jase Stallard, regrouped in 2012 to perform their 1989 effort In Search Of Sanity and eventually began writing material.

Drummer Steve Grice sees Evil Beyond Belief as a fresh start in a more mainstream direction.

He tells Metal Crypt: “I guess it does have a slight feel of the Sanity album, but that’s probably just because Steve’s voice is on it. In terms of the actual sound of the songs, it isn’t really similar.

“We have taken a more mainstream, maybe an alternative, approach. All of us tend to listen to completely different styles of music, and I really do believe this has come across in the writing of this record.”

He adds: “Anybody and everybody that is expecting thrash is going to be surprised. It was not my intention to compete against my former band. I needed to have a crack at something a bit different for my own sanity, plus the other guys in this band are not former thrashers.”


  1. Genesis 2. Charlie 3. Satan’s Blood 4. My Last Words 5. Evil Beyond Belief 6. Ruler Of Eternity 7. My Demon Mind 8. Broken Wings 9. Closer To The Edge 10. Firestorm