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Ex Onslaught men trail album

Former Onslaught members Steve Grimmett, Steve Grice, Alan Jordan and Jase Stallard have released a teaser clip featuring music from their debut as The Sanity Days.

The offshoot outfit, formed in 2012, originally focused on controversial 1989 Onslaught album In Search Of Sanity – the band’s only album to feature vocalist Grimmett.

The title received mixed reviews for moving away from the band’s thrash roots in favour of a more polished production, and led indirectly to their split before mainman Nige Rockett formed a new lineup in 2007.

Now The Sanity Days say: “The album will feature nine original songs written over the past 15 months, and promises a mixture of dark, metallic, interweaving, spine-chilling riffs topped with melodic haunting vocals.”

Drummer Grice, who left Onslaught in 2011 after appearing on all six of their studio albums, admits In Search Of Sanity was as disappointment, but adds: “We were always pleased with the songs. People have nagged me to play tracks from the album but we struggled to get them sounding right without Steve Grimmett involvement.”

Meanwhile, Rockett is engaged in a war of words with former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin, who was hired to stand in for Sy Keeler on a US tour but was fired or quit before it finished.

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