The Reasoning Cancel Tour Plans To Concentrate On New Album


The Reasoning have announced that they have decided to cancel proposed live dates in October and November.

In a statement the band say of the dates they’d christened The Great Escape tour, “This was a difficult decision to make, but for a variety of non-musical work related reasons, logistical complications have proven to be insurmountable on this occasion. We would like to apologise wholeheartedly for this: full refunds will of course be available from all points of sale. We also extend my deepest apologies to our good buddies HeKz, who have been nothing but professional in response to the situation.


The band will be spending more time working on their next album, which currently has the working title of Horrorscopic. They say, “We’ve decided to take some time away from the music, in order to allow it to grow and develop more naturally. This will also enable us to think carefully about how best to produce, record and promote it.

“There’s no finite limit to said breather: whether it takes us six months or two years to create an album that we’re genuinely proud of, then it will have been more than worth the wait. We hope that you will agree and understand. In the interim, of course, you’ll still see many of us out and about at other gigs, pontificating online and (if you’re really lucky) doing the weekly shopping [insert supermarket of your choosing].”/o:p

HeKz, who were the support band or The Great Escape dates, will now be arranging their own dates to coincide with the release of their forthcoming new album.