The Body & Full Of Hell join forces for new album

The Body & Full Of Hell

The Body and Full Of Hell have announced that they’ve joined forces for a new album.

Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light will arrive on November 17 via Thrill Jockey and it was recorded over the space of a week.

Full Of Hell vocalist Dylan Walker says of the collaboration: We just felt like we had more to say. For the record, The Body are probably my favourite active band.

“The first collaboration was a very fun process for everyone and we didn’t feel like we had to strain ourselves to produce material. Their work is inspiring and we really connect as a group.

“I’m sure that for them, it was as simple as that. They want to create music with people they care about.”

The Body drummer Lee Buford adds: “I don’t really see the collaboration stuff we do as that unusual. I guess if I ever felt like we didn’t have anything to say then I might be wary of putting out so much stuff but there’s different ways of expressing things and this gives us the opportunity to use a different means of expression.

“Plus, we’re really good friends with Full Of Hell, so it’s a pretty easy decision to work with them.”

To mark the announcement, they’ve released a stream of Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light track Earth Is A Cage. Find the audio stream and album tracklist below.

The Body & Full Of Hell Ascending A Mountain Of Heavy Light tracklist

  1. Light Penetrates
  2. Earth Is A Cage
  3. The King Laid Bare
  4. Didn’t The Night End
  5. Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft
  6. Master’s Story
  7. Farewell, Man
  8. I Did Not Want To Love You So

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