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The Almighty reissues unveiled

The Almighty’s first two albums are to be reissued early next year.

Spinefarm Records will release 1989’s Blood, Fire & Love and 1991’s Soul Destruction on February 9 under the RE-F**KIN’-ISSUES banner. The label own the rights to the band’s Polydor output and will also issue further releases from the group later in 2015.

The band’s debut Blood, Fire & Love will be packaged as a three-disc set, including the Blood, Fire & Live album along with a disc of demos and rarities. Soul Destruction will be a two-disc release featuring B-sides, live material and acoustic tracks.

They’ve been inactive since 2008 but vocalist Ricky Warwick, who fronts Black Star Riders, says he and original drummer Stump Monroe were involved on the production of the reissues.

He tells MyGlobalMind: “We were approached by the record company that they were going to do it. They own everything so it was a case of, ‘If you’re involved then great. If not we will do it anyway.’ Obviously we wanted to be involved so that it would be done as well as we could possibly do it.”

Warwick also says he’d be interested in a reunion with his former bandmates to play the tracks live again – although he says the chances of it happening are a long shot.

He adds: “I certainly would be open to the idea of doing a few shows. I don’t know how the others feel about it. I love the guys and I love the songs. I would like to play them one day again because life is short and you just get one shot at it.

“I haven’t talked to Floyd London in almost four years and I don’t think Stump has either. It is difficult and it would need to be for the right reasons. I think just to do it for the sake of it, I mean what’s the point?

“Never say never but at this moment in time its not looking very likely.”

Meanwhile, Black Star Riders recently launched a lyric video for the title track of their upcoming album The Killer Instinct. The record will launch on February 23 via Nuclear Blast and they’ll hit the road with Europe for 12 UK dates in March.

Blood, Fire & Love tracklist


  1. Resurrection Mutha 2. Destroyed 3. Wild & Wonderful 4. Blood, Fire & Love 5. Gifthorse 6. You’ve Gone Wild 7. Lay Down The Law 8. Power 9. Full Force Lovin’ Machine 10. Detroit 11. New Love Sensation


Blood, Fire & Live

  1. Full Force Lovin’ Machine 2. You’ve Gone Wild 3. Lay Down The Law 4. Blood, Fire & Love 5. Destroyed 6. Wild & Wonderful 7. Resurrection Mutha 8. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet


  1. Destroyed (Demo) 2. Lay Down The Law (Demo) 3. Full Force Lovin’ Machine (Demo) 4. Destroyed (Radio Edit) 5. Love Me To Death 6. Blood, Fire & Love (Metal Version) 7. Wild & Wonderful (Live) 8. Lay Down The Law (Live) 9. Power (Killerwatt Mix) 10. Power (Live) 11. Power (Dub Version) 12. Thunderbird 13. Good God Almighty 14. Power (Friday Rock Show) 15. Wild & Wonderful (Friday Rock Show) 16. Destroyed (Friday Rock Show) 17. Thunderbird (Friday Rock Show)

Soul Destruction


  1. Crucify 2. Free ’N’ Easy 3. Joy Bang One Time 4. Love Religion 5. Bandaged Knees 6. Praying To The Red Light 7. Sin Against The Light 8. LittleLost Sometimes 9. Devil’s Toy 10. What More Do You Want 11. Hell To Pay 12. Loaded


  1. Free ’N’ Easy (7-inch edit) 2. Bodies 3. Hell To Pay (Acoustic) 4. Devil’s Toy (7-inch edit) 5. Bad Temptation 6. Loaded (Live 1991) 7. Little Lost Sometimes (Radio edit) 8. Wild Road To Satisfaction 9. Crucify (Live 1991) 10. Detroit Rock City (Live 1991)
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