"I tried to capture the feeling of leaving a relationship and the shame that comes with being betrayed": Norwegian art-rocker Susanna reveals more new music

(Image credit: Ida Fiskaa)

Norwegian art rock artist Susanna has announced that she will release her brand new studio album, Meditations On Love, through her own SusannaSonata label on August 23.

It's the artist's first album since 2020's Baudelaire & Piano that has not involved the work of French poet Charles Baudelaire, which also saw the release of 2022's Elevation, the live Baudelaire & Orchestra and this year's The Harmony Of Evening EP.

“With Meditations On Love, I wanted to bring my songs and music into a new landscape," says Susanna. "And I knew I had to find someone new to work with on the production to do that, so that I could be pushed in other directions."

At the same time Susanna has shared a video for the first single from Meditations On Love, Everyone Knows, which you can watch below.

"I tried to capture the very vulnerable feeling of leaving a relationship and the shame that often comes with being betrayed," she continues. "Your world is suddenly turned upside down and you are le with the aching feeling, 'how can I go on without my love?' And the ʻlove' is not just that specific person, but all the things you identify with the relationship, and very often how you identify yourself, who you are."

You can see the new album artwork and tracklisting below.


(Image credit: SusannaSonata)

Susanna: Mediations On Love
1. Everyone Knows
2. Big Dreams
3. Leave Behind
4. I Took Care of Myself
5. Black Heart
6. Elephant Song
7. Battles
8. A Swallow
9. Where Has the Love Gone
10. I Was Never Here

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