Sufjan Stevens names album after his parents


Sufjan Stevens will release an album named after his parents next month.

Carrie & Lowell is described as a return to his folk roots, and a hint of its contents can be heard in the trailer video below.

Stevens says the 11-track work is a reflection on “life and death, love and loss – and the artist’s struggle to make sense of the beauty and ugliness of love.”

It’s to be launched on March 31 via Asthmatic Kitty.


  1. Death With Dignity

  2. Should Have Known Better

  3. All Of Me Wants All Of You

  4. Drawn To The Blood

  5. Fourth Of July

  6. The Only Thing

  7. Carrie & Lowell

  8. Eugene

  9. John My Beloved

  10. No Shade In The Shadow Of The Cross

  11. Blue Bucket Of Gold