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Steven Wilson chooses tracks for vinyl collection

Steven Wilson will release a double-vinyl collection featuring tracks chosen from across his solo career.

He’s curated the limited-edition Transience title to act as an introduction to his work outside Porcupine Tree.

It includes a new version of the band’s track Lazarus, and a new edit of Transcience from latest album Hand. Cannot. Erase. The fourth side carries an etching of his handwritten lyric sketches for Happy Returns.

It’s a strictly one-off pressing and it’s available for pre-order now via Kscope. Wilson – who’s currently touring Hand. Cannot. Erase. – returns to the UK in January.


Side 1

  1. Transience - single version

    2. Harmony Korine

    3. Postcard

    4. Significant Other

    5. Insurgentes

Side 2

  1. The Pin Drop

    2. Happy Returns - edit

    3. Deform to Form a Star - edit

    4. Thank You

Side 3

  1. Index

    2. Hand Cannot Erase

    3. Lazarus - 2015 recording

    4. Drive Home

Side 4

Lyrics Etching

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