Slaves (US) Jonny on Warped Tour drama


Slaves (US) singer Jonny Craig has opened up on the band being kicked off this year’s Vans Warped Tour.

The Californian group (not to be confused with the British two-piece) were ejected from the event in the wake of allegations that Craig was not sober and that he sexually harassed a member of their merchandising staff.

In the midst of these allegations, guitarist Alex Lyman was attacked and stabbed by a man who later faced a hate crime charge.

Craig says that while he had been drinking, he wasn’t taking heroin and hasn’t done since forming Slaves in 2014.

He tells TeamRock Radio’s You Heard It Here First with Sophie K: “At first we were like, okay, this is probably the stupidest thing that’s ever happened to us. I used to put a needle in my arm, so if I want to have a beer I think I’m entitled to be able to respect myself.

“They’re calling my band enablers and all this shit. Those people have literally been here since the moment I started this band and have kept me clean.”

As for the sexual harassment claims, Craig adds that the alleged victim was clear that she merely felt “uncomfortable” with his actions and didn’t feel threatened.

After the band were booted off the tour, fans snapped up $29,000 worth of merchandise and records to help make up for the lost revenue.