Shining play Last Day atop Trolltunga


Norwegian blackjazz pioneers Shining have given Metal Hammer the UK premiere of this epic video! Here they are, playing on top of Trolltunga (a giant piece of rock poking out of a mountain at 700 metres), which is pretty freakin’ metal.

“I’m so happy and proud to finally be able to present to you the first song from our insane mountain concert at Trolltunga in Norway,” Shining frontman Jørgen Munkeby tells Metal Hammer about the video. “Not only was it the absolute craziest day of my life, and an experience that will be ingrained in my viking bones until I die.

“We also managed to record and film it all, and not to mention get away from it alive – which is no given up there! I hope this video will give you a memorable experience that you won’t forget. In addition it gives you a unique opportunity to see a Norwegian blackjazz band running free in its natural habitat. Enjoy! And don’t try this at home!”

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