Scythia stream Lineage in full


Scythia have made their latest album available to stream in full.

The Canadian prog metal outfit’s fourth album Lineage was released this week and it can be heard in its entirety below.

Guitarist and vocalist Dave Khan says: “Oh boy, Scythia is incredibly excited to release our fastest, meanest and most well-executed release yet.

Lineage is the culmination of two years of blood, sweat and ale and showcases a loose-concept album about the victims of war set in the medieval world.”

Lineage can be ordered via Scythia’s BandCamp page.

Scythia Lineage tracklist

  1. Eternal Oath
  2. Laugh of the Tsar
  3. Barbarian
  4. Soldier’s Lament
  5. Loremaster pt. I
  6. Loremaster pt. II
  7. The Sacrifice
  8. Lineage