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Sixx: Weiland died on my tour bus

Nikki Sixx has been shaken by the realisation that Scott Weiland died on the tour bus he’d just finished using.

The Motley Crue bassist lived on the vehicle during his band’s recent run of US dates, before Weiland hired it for his Wildabouts tour.

The singer was found dead aboard the bus on December 3, and police later confirmed a number of drugs were recovered nearby.

Sixx says on his Sixx Sense radio show: “I remember the driver telling me that he was going to drive Scott, and I was thinking, ‘That’s cool.’ I said, ‘Say hi.’

“Scott took my bus, and was sleeping in the same bed I was sleeping in. And he was found dead on the bus.

“It’s so crazy to think how close we all are. I’m a recovering drug addict. We believe – he said – he was a recovering drug addict. It’s too close.

“And the hardest part is, after Scott’s body was removed from the bus, the band was driven back to their home on the bus. Because what are they going to do, walk home?”

Weiland’s ex-wife this week appealed for fans of troubled musicians to face up to the situation, in the hope of avoiding further tragedies.

Sixx says of the late frontman: “When rock stars think they’re more important than their fans, that’s when they get in trouble. That’s called ego. You get ego and drugs, and we’ve heard he was bipolar and unmedicated.

“He had to be so tortured. He had to be in so much pain.”

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