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You can save 30% right now in the Dr Martens Cyber Monday sale

dr martens cyber monday deals
(Image credit: Dr Martens)

Dr Martens have been the music fan's footwear of choice since the 70s and have drawn the attention of rock fans, indie kids, punks, goths and skinheads.

It's an iconic brand that continues to flourish, but did you know they were invented in Germany after the Second World War using rubber from Luftwaffe airfields? The design was soon bought and patented by a British company and manufactured from 1960.

The rubber AirWear soles mean that Dr Martens are comfortable to run in, dance in, and pogo in – and they've had a reputation for being long-lasting and pretty much indestructible.

Whether or not that still stands is debatable – but the company's timeless design and street cred still endures. And now Dr Martens have announced their Cyber Monday sale, with 30% and more off selected ranges. 

Visit the Dr Martens site for the full range.

Molly Iridescent Platform Boots: £169.00 £120.00
Using leather made from two-tone iridescent scales and built on the Quad Retro platform, these shoes are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd – handy for gigs when you need an extra couple of inches, too. View Deal

Dr Martens Pascal Wanama: now £105 were £149
A pair of hard-wearing, 8-hole cherry red docs. A classic and timeless design. Lightweight, natural-looking leather with a satin-sheen finish, these come up a treat with Dr Martens wax polish.

View Deal

The Who 1460: £149.00 £105.00
In 1967, Pete Townshend wore a pair of battered old 1460s on stage. In 2019, he's designed his own pair. And that is what we call the circle of life: rock'n'roll edition.View Deal

The Who 1461: £129.00 £90.00
Much like the 1460s above, this shoe is built from smooth leather and has a target printed on the heel. Couldn't be more mod if they tried.View Deal

1460 Farrah: £129.00 £90.00
The classic 1460 given a glorious, glittery twist.View Deal

Dr Martens Santo Grizzly: now £109 were £159
A rugged pair of boots, created with the ‘worn-in’ look. Interesting fact time: The Santo Grizzly was inspired by a pair of hiking boots which the Dr Martens team found squirrelled in their vault.View Deal

1490 Joska Stud: £179.00 £125.00
There are statement shoes and then there's... these. According to Dr Martens, this "DIY punk-infused collection sees our classic icons subverted with an edgier aesthetic". Perfect for those determined to set off airport metal detectors forevermore. View Deal

Dr Martens Magdalena II: now £105 were £149
A doc with a difference, the Magdalena II brand has a heel and has an inner ankle zip. They also boast visible stitching, grooved sides and a scripted heel-loop.View Deal

Dr Martens Winstead Canvas: now £45, were £69
"The Winsted Boot combines our 8-eye silhouette with a hi-top sneaker styling - resulting in a fresh, street edge," says DM. "Made with a 10oz canvas, the boot features lightweight black bumper soles and panel details - and retains all the classic Doc's DNA, including grooved sides, a yellow heel tab and a yellow strip echoing traditional Doc stitching."View Deal

Youth Glitter (Rose Brown): now £50, were £75
"A youth-sized version of our original boot," says DM, "this 1460 comes in a shiny, sparkly glitter covered with a clear coat for protection — perfect for your mini rough-and-tumble rebels."View Deal

Vegan Goldmix (blue): now £90, were £129
The 1460 Vegan Goldmix boot has lost the leather – but none of the attitude. Reimagined with a high-shine metallic material known as Goldmix, this iconic boot is still a Doc through and through with its yellow welt stitch and signature vegan heel loop. Very David Bowie/Sweet/A Clockwork Orange.View Deal

Ramsey Monk Creeper: now £120, were £169
Says Dr Martens: "
Punk. Rebellion. Give-a-**** attitude. Our new Leopard collection is Dr. Martens to its core. Drawing on our subcultural heritage, we’ve given our Ramsey Monk creepers a fresh spin with this statement-making update. The Docs creeper is crafted from a mix of black Polished Smooth leather and leopard hair-on across the vamp, with a classic side buckle and our signature yellow welt stitching."View Deal

1460 Stud: now £105, were £149
Another pair for the punx: "The DIY punk-infused 1460 Stud sees our iconic 8-eye boot subverted by an edgier aesthetic. Decked out with a strap, silver buckle and square pyramid studs, the boots are built from a mix of black and white for a dramatic, attention-grabbing contrast. Our signature yellow welt stitch and scripted heel loop mark them as Dr. Martens."View Deal

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