Rosen Bridge stream Dreamcatcher EP in full

Rosen Bridge

Welsh metalcore five-piece Rosen Bridge are self-releasing their new EP Dreamcatcher on May 12 and are streaming it exclusively with Metal Hammer. Following the release of the title track last month, the four-track EP is heading to Spotify and iTunes this Friday.

Speaking to Hammer about the record, guitarist Eddie Edwards says it has been “a collective purge of emotions for us.

“It could have easily been a very dark record, but the music and the experience of creating it with each other has been the positive driving force to help us find our feet and get out of that negative space. We hope that if the record has achieved this for us, it can also be a catalyst of hope for other people.”

Dreamcatcher is on sale May 12.

Rosen Bridge are touring the UK at the following dates:

May 18: AATMA, Manchester
May 19: Foxy’s Lomax, Liverpool
May 20: The Saddle, Chester
May 22: Trillian’s Rock Bar, Newcastle
May 23: Subside, Birmingham
May 24: Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield
May 25: The Bird’s Nest, Deptford
May 26: The Harp Restrung, Folkestone
May 28: 8 Bit, Swansea
May 29: The Full Moon, Cardiff

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