Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever launch video for new single Falling Thunder

A press shot of Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have released a video for their brand new single Falling Thunder.

It’s the third track taken from the band’s upcoming album Sideways To New Italy, which is set to arrive on June 5 through Sub Pop

Speaking about the new track, vocalist and guitarist Tom Russo says: “It's about pushing on through the relentless march of time, against the constant cycle of seasons. And the way people change and relationships change. 

"It’s set in that time when autumn is turning into winter and the trees are getting bare."

As for the video, he says: "Our friend Jamieson Moore shot the footage of Sicily, Sardinia and the Aeolian Islands on her phone while on vacation last year. The Aeolian Islands is also where my and Joe Russo's ancestors are from. 

"We were also planning to shoot the band playing in Eolian Hall in Melbourne (it’s a community hall founded by Aeolian immigrants). We got some practice footage but by the time it came to shoot the band, we were on lockdown. So it’s turned out as a kind of a love letter to a particular place."

Check out the video below.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways To New Italy

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways To New Italy
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are preparing to release their new studio album Sideways To New Italy in June. The follow-up to 2018's Hope Downs will include the lead singles Cars in Space, She's There and Falling Thunder.

Sideways to new italy cover art

(Image credit: Sub Pop)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever: Sideways To New Italy
1. The Second Of The First
2. Falling Thunder
3. She's There
4. Beautiful Steven
5. The Only One
6. Cars In Space
7. Cameo
8. Not Tonight
9. Sunglasses At The Wedding
10. The Cool Change

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