Rock Candy Funk Party announce new album, launch video starring Ty Taylor

Rock Candy Funk Party

Rock Candy Funk Party, the supergroup starring Joe Bonamassa, Tal Bergman, Ron DeJesus, Mike Merritt and Renato Neto, have announced the release of their third album. The Groove Cubed will be released on October 20, and is the follow-up to 2015’s Groove Is King.

The band have also released a video for the first track to emerge from the album, Don’t Even Try It, which features the vocal talents of Vintage trouble singer Ty Taylor.

“From the first time I was Tal and Joe played me the music for this jam I was hooked,” says Taylor. “All I wanted to do is live up to what had already been laid down. In one night and one session I knew a beautiful relationship had begun. Don’t Even Try It has already become one of my go-to pump you up/dance you out songs. It’s one of those songs that I listen to and dance to as though we didn’t create it. From moment one the song feels like it’s always existed.”

The album was recorded at Tal Bergman’s Studios in Los Angeles, California. “It will take the listener on journey that explore the use of different styles of music from different eras and hopefully break some rules!” says Bergman. “This band is a perfect vehicle to make music in unorthodox ways that crosses different genres. The band’s motto and perfect concept for this new album is that there are no rules: just expect the unexpected.”

Also appearing on the album is Mahalia Barnes, daughter of Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes, who has previously performed backing vocals for Joe Bonamassa.

The Groove Cubed will be released on October 20, but is available to pre-order now.

The Groove Cubed Tracklist

  1. Gothic Orleans
  2. Drunk on Bourbon on Bourbon Street
  3. In the Groove
  4. Don’t Even Try It
  5. Two Guys and Stanley Kubrick Walk into a Jazz Club
  6. Isle of the Wright Brothers
  7. Mr. Space
  8. I Got the Feelin’
  9. After Hours
  10. This Tune Should Run for President
  11. Mr. Funkadamus Returns and He Is Mad
  12. Funk-o-potamia
  13. The Token Ballad
  14. Ping Pong

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