Rob Reed Performs Sanctuary Live Again


Rob Reed will perform his Sanctuary show live again this Saturday at the Parabola Arts Centre in Cheltenham. And his forthcoming Sanctuary Live DVD and CD will be on sale at the show ahead of release.

Sanctuary Live was recorded at Reed’s performance of his two Mike Oldfield-inspired albums under the Sanctuary banner at Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios. It features Sanctuary 1 Part One, Sanctuary 1 Part Two (Excerpt), Sanctuary II Part One, Sanctuary II Part Two, Willow’s Song and also features a documentary of the recording of the original live shows. It goes on general sale on June 12 but will be available for purchase at this Saturday’s show.

Also available will be Reed’s Variations On A Theme By David Bedford, his tribute to the late musician and composer who originally orchestrated Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, as well as working with Kevin Ayers and who released several albums under his own name.

Tickets for Saturday’s show are available from Reed’s website and both Sanctuary Live and the David Bedford EP can also be pre-ordered.