Ride’s Andy Bell reveals solo single Love Comes In Waves

Ride's Andy Bell portrait shot with red top
(Image credit: Shiarra Bell)

Ride guitarist/singer Andy Bell has released the psychedelic trip Love Comes In Waves. It’s the first single from his debut solo album The View From Halfway Down which is out on October 9 via Sonic Cathedral.

The recording has taken Bell the best part of four years and was finally completed during lockdown. He says, “I’ve always wanted to make a solo album, I’ve always said I would do it, although I never imagined it happening like, or sounding like, this one does. I’d been sitting on this pile of almost finished tracks, along with all the other hundreds of ideas that had fallen by the wayside since I’ve been making music. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to find a way to present it to the world."

He adds, “The album is not about songwriting. There aren’t many verses or choruses, because this album is about sounds, a listening experience.”

The album’s eight summery tracks take inspiration from The Beatles, Neu!, Can, The Kinks and early Tame Impala.

The View From Halfway Down track listing

1. Love Comes In Waves
2. Indica
3. Ghost Tones
4. Skywalker
5. Aubrey Drylands Gladwell
6. Cherry Cola
7. I Was Alone
8. Heat Haze On Weyland Road