Rian Adkinson releases promo for Disconnect


Rian Adkinson has released a video for his track Disconnect.

It’s taken from his debut album Villain, which was released last year. The zombie-starring animated video for Disconnect was created by Adkinson’s cousins Caleb Adkinson and Rory Manning, who run Family Projects Productions.

Adkinson says: “I have always been a fan of their work so when we came up with the idea of this video, I know they would be the perfect fit.”

He describes the song as a parody of modern society, where “people have become zombies, so glued to their social media and phones that they forget there is a world around them.

He adds: “While we need technology, we should remember there are real people behind those screen names, real people who need human contact and in a world where everyone around you is looking down, it’s a reminder to take a break and experience the real world around you too.”

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