Ray Bennett reissues Whatever Falls

Ray Bennett
Ray Bennett

Ray Bennett has reissued his 2001 solo album Whatever Falls.

The former Flash man played bass, guitar and keyboards on the record and also provided lead vocals. He was joined by drummer Mark Pardy, while David Kannenstine contributed bass on two tracks.

Bennett says of the album: “As it was my first solo record I wanted it to be something special. I had taken so long to get around to it I felt sure it would get some serious scrutiny, so, coming from me, with my background, it had to be something worthy of my previous output. A flop wouldn’t do. An OK album wouldn’t do either.

“An album is for all time and intended for repeated listening. Each new listen should be the same pleasurable discovery. Some of my favourite albums are like that and I wanted mine to be too. I feel I succeeded.”

In 2013, the album Flash: Flash Featuring Ray Bennett & Colin Carter was released.

Ray Bennett Whatever Falls tracklist

  1. La Verite Des Miracles
  2. Torn Apart
  3. Under The Wheel
  4. Digging With A Spoon
  5. Ahh!
  6. Stella
  7. Changing
  8. Davey Goes To The Park
  9. Whatever Falls
  10. New West