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Puddle Of Mudd Wes arrested at airport

Puddle Of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was arrested at a US airport after taking a ride on a baggage carousel.

The singer’s latest brush with the law happened at Denver Airport in Colorado as he arrived for a scheduled gig. According to reports, after Scantlin jumped on the carousel he ended up in a restricted area of the airport and was arrested.

He was bailed later that night, resulting in the show running late.

Denver promoter Rock Panther Presents say in a statement: “So if you haven’t heard yet Wes the lead signer from Puddle Of Mudd decided to take a joy ride on the carousel at the airport this morning through restricted access and got arrested.

“We have been on this all day and he is just about to be release from jail and will head straight to the venue. The show will go on but that is why we are running late.”

Last year Scantlin was filmed throwing an onstage tantrum in which he argued with fans.

In September last year, Puddle Of Mudd released new single Piece Of The Action.