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Wes Scantlin in onstage temper tantrum

Troubled Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has found himself in more hot water after an onstage tantrum reportedly left a fan injured.

Scantlin was seemingly upset at the actions of some of the audience during the band’s performance at the Trees venue in Dallas, Texas, last week.

Video captured by an audience member appears shows the singer detaching his microphone from its cable and tossing it into the crowd – before making a series of obscene gestures and engaging in a verbal back-and-forth with some of the fans.

Scantlin is then seen removing his shirt and throwing it into the audience, before saying: “It ain’t my fault that I’m the hottest motherfucker in the goddamn building.” He then walks offstage.

Scantlin, 41, was arrested in 2012 for drug possession and, in a separate incident, for being involved in a disturbance on an airplane. Last year he was arrested for speeding, for a domestic disturbance and also for vandalism. He later missed a court date and another arrest warrant was issued.

Video: Wes Scantlin’s onstage tantrum