Prosperina debut Proles video


The Swansea riffbastards Prosperina have just released their new video for Proles and we’re premiering it right now!

Speaking to Metal Hammer about new song Proles, frontman Gethin Woolcock says it’s ”a call to arms for the people. The message is ‘we can’t stand for this shit anymore’. Every day there is something in the news that can be traced back to the actions of a few over-privileged, inbred, old school tie brats. Even what we are seeing with the refugee crisis at the moment is a direct result of the actions of those in charge of international affairs. They are evil of the highest order. This song is a middle finger to those elitist scumbags.

“If you think we’re gonna be your proles, then you’d better think again”.

Proles is taken from the latest album Harness-Minus.