Prog guitarist Schiermann releases video for ten-minute new single Stygian Path

(Image credit: Schiermann)

US instrumental prog guitarist Schiermann has released a playthrough video for his new single, Stygian Path, which you can watch below.

Stygian Path is Schiermann's first new music since his 2017 his debut self-titled album in 2017.  The single features features two-time Grammy Award-winning Mars Volta saxophonist Adrian Gonzalez, and Polish guitar virtuoso Jakub Zytecki sharing dual lead guitar parts on the latter end of the track.

"Stygian Path is one of my favourites," says Schiermann. "It has so many elements and moods but still holds that dark vibe throughout, hence the name. It was one of those songs that just kept writing itself; go Prog!! It takes you on a journey with its many riffs and time signatures, especially as Navene Koperweis' drums alone are quite amazing because the time signatures are all over the place and it's mega challenging. Mike Malyan from DispersE who's now back in Monuments did all the sound effects, ambience, and keyboards to top off the overall feel and expression of the song."

Having previously collaborated with the likes of TesseracT’s bassist Amos Williams, Schiermann’s next release of material that he’s working on promises to hold a weight of its own, the details of which are yet to be announced.

"The direction on my new material is a bit more diverse so it will cover a broader range of styles but the overall feel is still prog/metal for sure with some different flavours sprinkled here and there," he adds. "The first song I am recording is close to being finished and I will release it as a single as soon as it's mixed and mastered. I hope to have the album done by late summer if things go according to plan. 

"Currently I am working on a new album and documenting it all with a Studio Update series on my Instagram and YouTube channels to share with all of you so please check it out to stay up to date."

Jerry Ewing

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