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Post-rock celebrated in book Storm Static Sleep

A book celebrating the post-rock movement is set for release next month.

Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post-Rock by Jack Chuter will be published via Function Books on November 15.

The 295-page volume features interviews with the main players in the genre, including producer Steve Albini, Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite and Slint’s David Pajo.

Chuter says: “I’ve loved post-rock since my early teens, yet it’s always troubled me that none of the existing accounts of post-rock history make any sense whatsoever.

“The internet liberally declares Slint and Talk Talk as the originators of the genre, while quietly glossing over the fact that, sonically, these bands couldn’t be further apart.

“I wanted to write a book that would lay the groundwork for a strong, consistent understanding of the post-rock narrative.”

The author promises to explore both the popular bands associated with the genre along with less well known artists.

He adds: “The book is both an expose of post-rock’s identity crisis and a celebration of its nomadic thirst for innovation in rock music. I’m delighted with how it has turned out.”

Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post-Rock is available for pre-order.