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Phil Collins on new music: ‘I’ll turn the studio on’

Phil Collins
Turn it on again: Collins (Image credit: Getty)

Phil Collins has ruled out the chance of performing new music on his comeback tour – but he’s admitted it’s time to start thinking about writing material again.

And he’s remaining cautious over talk of a Genesis reunion after he ended his self-imposed retirement last year.

This month he confirmed he’d play nine shows in 2017, including five at London’s Royal Albert Hall, with the possibility of more dates to be added later.

Collins tells Rolling Stone: “It would be dangerous to give too much away. We’re working out a way to make a show special.

“At the moment there won’t be any new material, but we can bring out some songs that we haven’t done, so they’ll appear new.”

Asked about performing Genesis material he says: “We’ll put in a couple – two or three.”

His last album of original material was 2002’s Testify, and he’s just completed a run of re-releases. “For a while my excuse has been that I was busy with the book,” he admits.

“Now the book is out, and I can’t be busy with it any more. I think now, apart from getting a little fitter, I’ll have time to turn on the studio on and see what happens.”

Speculation about a Genesis reunion has increased since Collins came out of retirement. Asked about what he thinks now, he replies: “Writing the book reminded me how close we were. We’re still great pals.

“Anything can happen, really. I just don’t want to suddenly take the brake off, start flying off and doing things. I want to do things carefully and think about the consequences.”

And despite saying “never say never” he emphasises: “There’s no plans.”

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