Perfect Beings go behind the scenes


Perfect Beings have launched a video featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from their debut album recording sessions.

The LA outfit’s self-titled record launched on June 30 via My Sonic Temple, and guitarist Johannes Luley has credited frontman Ryan Hurtgen for providing direction.

Luley says: “We’re breaking down traditional song structure. I think our music has a pop sensibility because Ryan writes beautiful melodies – strangely pop. It’s not your typical pop music, of course, but it’s accessible and you can relate.”

Earlier this year they released a video for album track Fictions, when Hurtgen said: “It’s the love story part of TJ & Tosc, the sci-fi novel our album is based upon. Raymond’s memory of Noriko has been erased from their identity chip and he’s being informed about the past and when they were together. He can’t remember – it feels like fiction to him.”


  1. The Canyon Hill 2. Helicopter 3. Bees And Wasps 4. Walkabout 5. Removal Of The Identity Chip 6. Program Kid 7. Remnants Of Shields 8. Fictions 9. Primary Colors 10. One Of Your Kind