Pallas guitarist Niall issues Eclectic Electric


Pallas guitarist Niall Mathewson has released a solo album that he says lays bare his “eclectic tastes.”

Eclectic Electric Volume 1 is available now on 12-track CD while a digital version comes with six bonus tracks. Snippets of the album can be heard at Pallas’ Bandcamp page.

Mathewson says: “As the title suggests, this is a collection of musical pieces that tries to demonstrate my somewhat eclectic tastes in music. You may find some of my influences easy to spot and others not so easy.“

Pallas’ most recent album is 2014’s Wearewhoweare.

Eclectic Electric Volume 1 tracklist

  1. Creep
  2. The Last Horizon
  3. Ascension
  4. One Step On
  5. Mortis
  6. The Girl In The Attic
  7. Running Man
  8. In This Broken World
  9. Undiscovered Land
  10. Left It Behind
  11. Vista 2
  12. In The Depths
  13. Creep - Instrumental Mix (digital bonus track)
  14. Ascension - Gerry Jablonski Vocals (digital bonus track)
  15. Ascension - Instrumental Mix (digital bonus track)
  16. One Step On - Instrumental Mix (digital bonus track)
  17. In This Broken World - Instrumental (digital bonus track)
  18. Left It Behind - Instrumental (digital bonus track)