Outrage in Scotland leads to cancellation of neo-Nazi gig

Campaign poster to prevent neo-Nazi gig in Falkirk

A gig featuring American neo-Nazi band Bound For Glory which was due to take place in Falkirk, Scotland, has been called off.

Around 500 skinheads and fascists travelling from across the UK and Europe were expected to attend the show on October 22 at the undisclosed venue. The location was quietly moved from Edinburgh to the Forth Valley town to prevent it from being shut down by protesters.

The event would have been the “largest white power concert ever to take place in Scotland” according to anti-racist campaigners. But London-based organiser Vicky Pearson, reportedly a veteran of Britain’s neo-Nazi scene, has called off the event due to concerns of “adverse media attention and the likelihood that the US band members would be refused entry into this country.”

Pressure group Hope Not Hate spearheaded the campaign to ban the gig – which attracted support from Scottish Justice Minister Michael Matheson, who called on the Home Secretary Amber Rudd to block entry to Bound For Glory band members.

The group say: “We can officially announce that the Nazi gig in Falkirk has officially been cancelled by the organisers.

“Citing adverse media attention and the likelihood that the US band members would be refused entry into this country and the venue would cancel the gig, the organisers have stepped in to call off the gig.

They continue: “At a time when racist attacks are on the increase and many Blood and Honour supporters have been imprisoned for their involvement in a riot in Dover earlier this year, hundreds of drunken Nazis on the streets of Scotland is the last thing the country needs.”

Bound For Glory previously entered the UK in the mid-90s to appear at a gig organised by neo-Nazi music promoters, Blood And Honour – which was later cancelled. Frontman Ed Wolbank blamed the UK’s “Zionist Occupation Government.”

But Hope Not Hate warn that there may be further white power shows planned down the line.

They released what appears to be a gig poster for an event named White Christmas, to be held in Scotland this December. It features extremist bands such as Whitelaw, Sleipnir, Nemesis and notorious white supremacist group Section 88, among others.

Police Scotland says it would “not tolerate” groups inciting violence or hatred in the country.

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