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Orphaned Land & Amaseffer tease A Dove Without Her Wings

Orphaned Land frontman Kobi Farhi
Orphaned Land frontman Kobi Farhi (Image credit: Getty)

Orphaned Land & Amaseffer have released a teaser of their track A Dove Without Her Wings.

It features on the collaborative project’s upcoming concept album Kna’an, which is set for release on August 26 via Century Media Records and is available for pre-order.

Kna’an is a soundtrack for a theatre production of the same name which is the brainchild of director Walter Wayers. He’s written a play which tells the biblical story of Abraham with a modern perspective.

The album is said to feature “ballads and metal songs about all the characters and inner conflicts of the heroes in this complex episode – a story that still reflects until this day the three Abrahamic religions.”

Orphaned Land, meanwhile, will head out on tour next month to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

Orphaned Land & Amaseffer Kna’am tracklist

  1. The Holy Land Of Kna’an
  2. The Angel Of The Lord
  3. Naked – Sarah And Abraham
  4. The Burning Garden – Sarah And Hagar
  5. Naked – Abraham
  6. A Tree Without No Fruit
  7. There Is No God For Ishma’el
  8. The Vision
  9. A Dove Without Her Wings – Hagar
  10. The loneliness Of Itzhak
  11. Akeda
  12. Fruits From A Different Tree – Ishma’el And Itzhak
  13. Prisoners Of The Past

Orphaned Land 2016 tour dates

Aug 05: Wacken Open Air, Germany
Aug 06: Caransebes Gugulan Rock Fest, Romania
Nov 03: Bochum Matrix, Germany
Nov 04: Uden Nieuwe Pul, Netherlands
Nov 05: Bremen TBA, Germany
Nov 06: Copenhagen Loppen, Denmark
Nov 07: Hamburg Marx, Germany
Nov 08: Berlin Bi Nuu, Germany
Nov 09: Munich Backstage, Germany
Nov 10: Prague TBA, Czech Republic
Nov 11: Wroclaw Firlej, Poland
Nov 12: Bratislava Randel Club, Slovakia
Nov 13: Cremona Midian Live, Italy
Nov 14: Florence TBA, Italy
Nov 15: Pratteln Z7, Switzerland
Nov 16: Lyon Coo Vileurbainne, France
Nov 17: Paris Devan Du Monde, France
Nov 18: Rotterdam Baroeg, Holland
Nov 19: Vosselaar Biebob, Belgium
Nov 20: London Underworld, UK

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