Ondt Blod premiere new song Store Ord (Røyk og Speil)

Ondt Blod band
(Image credit: Terje Arntsen)

Norwegian punks Ondt Blod are premiering their new single Store Ord (Røyk og Speil) exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Taken from their as-yet-untitled second album, the title translates to ‘Big Words (Smoke And Mirrors) and was produced by Blood Command’s Yngve Andersen – who also produced Ondt Blod’s first album Finnmark.

Store Ord (Røyk og Speil) is about how distance and time makes friendships fade,” vocalist Aslak Heika Hætta Bjørn tells Metal Hammer.

“The song is about the plans of world domination that never were realised, and the unsaid words told between the lines when old friends outgrow their friendship. It is a song about leaving a small town, about those who left, and the one left behind alone.”

“It is an up-tempo summer rocker,” he continues, “and a perfect fit paired with seafood, beer and wasted youth. The song is a little different from the regular Ondt Blod punk ‘n’ roll hardcore, and we expect and demand that people love it.”

Ondt Blod’s upcoming second album will be released later this year via Fysisk Format.

Ondt Blod: Finnmark

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