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Motorhead slam Campbell death rumour

Motorhead have slammed the perpetrators of a rumour that guitarist Phil Campbell had died.

He was back in action last night after an undisclosed health issue sent him to hospital in Europe and caused the cancellation of three shows.

The band posted a series of pictures from the concert in Gothenburg, proving the trio had delivered their scheduled performance.

They said: “Gothenburg rocked it, Motorhead rocked it, Philip Anthony Campbell double rocked it and the tour is alive, and kicking ears and teeth again.

“For all members of the media who engage in the modern-age bloodsport of celebrity-death-watch-by-internet-rumour-spreading, we hope you feel the shame and shoddiness of your ‘work’.”

Mainman Lemmy was the subject of similar rumours in 2013 after his own health problems caused concert call-offs and led to a significant lifestyle change. At the time Campbell said: “Contrary to some reports, Lem is alive and kicking – take no notice of these rumours from asshole tweeters.”

Motorhead return to the UK next month, with a tour that includes a pair of 40th anniversary shows in London on January 29 and January 30. They play the Download festival in June.

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