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Motorhead's record label announces first batch of releases

Barb Wire Dolls
Barb Wire Dolls (Image credit: MichellexStar)

Budderside, Others and Barb Wire Dolls will be the first acts to release music on Motorhead’s record label.

Motorhead Music will issue Greek punk band Barb Wire Dolls’ second album Desperate and LA rock outfit Budderside’s self-titled album on July 29, while a record by Transatlantic rockers Others will follow later in the year.

Motorhead Music was founded by the band to help upcoming acts find their way in the music industry. In a statement, the label says: “They wanted bands to have access to everything they enjoyed, from production to studios to marketing to distribution – the full monty.

“Motorhead Music will continue to follow the mission statement as laid down by Lemmy and the boys. So if you want to support raw, exciting rock’n’roll, punk and whatever music is on the label, come one, come all. If not, don’t let the door hit yer arse on the way out.”

For full information on the label’s acts, visit the official website.

Motorhead frontman Ian ‘ ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister died last year at the age of 70. The surviving Motorhead members will join Saxon in paying tribute to Lemmy at next week’s Metal Hammer golden Gods ceremony.