Motorhead's 22nd album coming in autumn

Motorhead have confirmed their 22nd album will be released in the autumn of 2015 – their 40th anniversary year.

Lemmy and co have been sharing video clips and images from their Los Angeles sessions, where they recently ran into Tool working in the same premises.

A statement reports: “Motorhead are currently in the recording studio with longtime producer Cameron Webb working on their upcoming album, which is due out fall 2015.”

And the launch will be accompanied with a second edition of their Motorboat cruising festival in late September. The inaugural 2014 edition featured Anthrax, Down, Zakk Wylde, Testament and many others and the raucous adventure was captured on film.

Lemmy recently reflected on his band’s four-decade career, telling Classic Rock: “We’re an honest band, and I’m an honest and decent man. What set us apart from the rest is that we never compromised. We’re do or die – you like us or you fuck off.”

Motorhead last week paid tribute to late sound engineer Dave ‘Hobbsy’ Hilsden.

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